Download Conveniently Manage Large Volumes Freeware

Mln - Manage Large Networks  v.1.0

MLN (Manage Large Networks) is a perl program used to manage a set of User-Mode-Linux instances or Xen instances. From a configuration file, it is possible to specify a large complex network of e.g. Xen instances, which are each configured as

MailManager  v.2.0

MailManager is the leading Open Source Email Response Management product. It is used by thousands of people in call centers, business and government to help teams deal with large volumes of email to organizational addresses such as

BIOperl Scripts for PHylogenetic Analyse  v.0.0.11

Biospha is a suite of perl scripts based on bioperl toolkit intended to help researches to manage large sequence file. With BIOSPHA you can classify each sequence according to the NCBI taxonomy. You also can get all taxonomic info from a GI or

Debellor  v.1.0

Open data mining platform. Provides common architecture for algorithms of various types. Efficient processing of arbitrarily large volumes of data thanks to data streaming. Weka and Rseslib partially integrated.

Guayadeque Music Player  v.386

Guayadeque is a music management program designed for all music enthusiasts. It is Full Featured Linux media player that can easily manage large collections and uses the Gstreamer media framework. More information?

MrTools  v.1.3.2

Mrtools (Multi remote tools) are a set of multi-threaded system tools to manage large distributed environments including file distribution collection and concurrent shell script or command execution. MrTools is written in Perl and utilizes ssh and

Open-projects  v.1.0

A Web Based Project Manager for any business or organization needing to manage large projects involving multiple employees, steps, processes, dependencies, etc. Manages employees, customers, and chain of command. Access Controls for security are a

FFSomething  v.1.0

FFSomething is a application suite that uses the django framework to manage large adhoc wifi networks

The Photomaniac Media Library  v.0.2.4

A media management solution for digital photographers who have to manage large amounts of digital media. Its strength is its native support for RAW images (Nikon, Canon, etc.), version control, team functionality, speed, and cross-platform compatibility.

KameData  v.1.0

KameData is a toolbox for indexing, cataloging and publishing large volumes of digital still camera images supporting both EXIF and RAW formats.

Optikus  v.1.0

Optikus is an open data monitoring, recording, analysis, simulation and SCADA framework intended to cope with large volumes of data. It has C, C++, Perl andJava bindings ready.

Prospector Data Management  v.1.0

This is a content management system with added features that allow users to collect, analyze, view and share large volumes of data. Users can create customized web content incorporating data, charts and other dynamic displays, updated on demand.

Qwik Reader  v.1.0

Qwik Reader is a utility that helps you read large volumes of text easily by scrolling it for you.

Gpgkeys  v.1.18

gpgkeys is a Python program that allows to conveniently manage GnuPG keys and keyrings.

Lotus Domino Backup Agent  v.9.0.3

For businesses that rely on Lotus-Notes / Domino servers to manage high volumes of data

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF810 PRO Driver  v.2.16

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF810 PRO Driver 2.16 comes as a useful and effective tool which gives you a complete workflow solution, bundling CAD|STATION PS+ a True Adobe PostScript software with the 44" large format printer.The iPF810 PRO helps to boost

MIE CRM Software  v.2

MIE CRM Software delivers Customer Relationship Management across the sales, service, and marketing functions. This easy-to-use, full featured solution primarily aims to strengthen the sales sector and the customer support department of a commercial

DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite  v.1.0.2

DocBook is the ideal framework when it comes to publishing large documentation projects in different formats. However, it does not provide a toolchain to create PDF, HTML or other formats from XML. The DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite (DAPS)

MailCleaner Community Edition  v.2011.9

A full email filtering gateway

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